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Q&A: crisscroxx

So my power went out 4 times from last night to this morning OTL So i couldn’t re-answer this. Sorry! I also apologize again because I actually really suck at colours.. It’s not something I can say I do with confidence (unlike anatomy, where at least I have a ok base;;)

Anyway here we go: Tips on colouring:
- I only have one… practice! This is the basic to anything tbh. Everyone colours differently and you’ll eventually settle on something of your own as you practice. One exercise I do is take palettes online and play with them. I also try to understand why they work together, why does it look so good?! I find colour also has to do with a lot of observation, so don’t just look at something pretty and enjoy it, go a step further to analyze WHY is it pretty to you. Eventually people develop their own palettes, and those are fun to look at too! *u* Mine is kind of sad tbh… here you can see mine in the pink box: gray, skin and vibrants; in the blue box are pallettes i took from ! 
How do you find inspiration to draw??
- There are lots of things I do to keep inspired.. I write lists of ideas, I think of ideas, do observations in my daily routines, being open to small things in life, creative writing is good to exercise creativity, I also may give myself drawing homework. My amazing artist friends are also a great source of inspiration (thanks guys ilu). I think to keep oneself inspired, also requires some form of self-discipline. Then translating that into drawing is whole other level of discipline. I can’t say I’m always inspired to draw … really if I waited for inspiration to hit, then I wouldn’t be drawing very often. I think what I mean to say is that if you want to draw and get better at it, then you can’t always rely on inspiration… but wait that’s not part of the question, so i’ll stop right there since this is getting long /o\;; sry haha
example homeworks… lately is drawing realistic faces

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